Episode 1

In which the opening of a box calls into question the order of things...

Overview: Throughout the episode, several characters receive invitations to the Red Masque – an annual party held by the Red Lady during which her subjects turn over a required tithe of dross.

Ali and Morgan are called out to investigate a possible meth lab at a rural address. During the raid, they arrest several people including Dana Davenport and Big Z. They discover that a new street drug called Ambrosia was being manufactured at the drug lab. They take the prisoners and the evidence back to Greene County Jail.

Prince Charming is approached by Cinderella. She asks him for help obtaining a gift to tithe to the Red Lady at the annual Masque. Charming agrees, but uses the opportunity to hook up with Cinderella. In the meantime, he receives a call from his employee – Dana Davenport. She tells him she was arrested and needs him to bail her out.

Percy Demetrius is in Arkansas hunting down a renegade troll for the Shattered King. When Percy finds him, the troll encourages Percy to question his loyalty to the Shattered King. Percy kills the troll in single combat. When he is done, he receives a phone call from Big Z. Biz Z tells him that he was arrested and needs help making bail.

Faust makes a bet with Mr. Nick and wins by predicting when a poor soul is going to kill himself. His assistant, Gretchen, calls to tell him that he has someone waiting for him in the office. It turns out to be Jack Fletcher – someone who Faust knows from the time of the Neverborn War. It is apparent from their conversation that Faust is uncomfortable around Jack.

Percy and Charming arrive at the Greene County jail. They bail out big Z and Dana Davenport. They also encounter Mari who bails out her friend – a stripper named Candy who Big Z was apparently “dating”. Shortly thereafter, someone breaks into the jail, steals the evidence from the drug bust, and blows up the jail.

Percy takes Big Z out for breakfast to find out what is going on. Big Z reluctantly admits that he stole a formula for a new street drug, Ambrosia, from “the 40”. Just as Percy tries to explain how terrible of an idea that was, the 40 attack them in an effort to get the formula back.

Percy asks Faust what Ambrosia is. Faust explains to him that it is a new street drug that induces Euphoria and allows mundanes to see past the veil that protects Fables. While trying to find out more information about the drug, Faust tries to summon a demon. He is amused when he summons Dana Davenport and discovers that she is actually the fable Delilah. Faust forces her to answer his questions before freeing her. Delilah promises that she will have revenge for being demeaned by him.

As the episode ends, Faust retires to his house boat to relax. He makes a deal with Captain Hook to trade his house boat in return for a gift for the Red Lady. Hook gives Faust a mysterious box…



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