The Setting

Once upon a time, there were creatures of wonder in the world. Gods, heroes, witches, fae, and monsters shared the world with mundane folk. Where their paths crossed, myths and legends took root and blossomed into timeless stories told for generations on end. That time is known as the Endless Summer – a time when the wonder of children made the splendor of dreams a reality.

All things come to an end, however, and not all endings are happily ever after. When men and women set aside childish things for reason, a sickness began to creep into the world. Magic began to wane. Without it, Gods, heroes, witches, fae, and monsters could no longer survive. The ageless began to wither and die. The invulnerable began to bleed. The powerful were laid low. Those who once enjoyed a comfortable living soon discovered that their only hope for survival was to feast on the energy of the few remaining dreamers and the relics of legend in which people still had faith. Those who were once siblings, lovers, and friends began to war with one another over Dross in a last ditch effort to survive. Thus began the War of the Neverborn.

The War was fought for time unknown. Eventually, the few survivors decided that if the war did not end soon, there would be little left to live for. On All Hallows, the survivors gathered in the hallowed halls of the Shattered King and signed the Mulligen Pact. In so doing, all of the remaining Legends agreed to honor the pact and live in peace under the Shattered King. Such began the Grimm Age and for a time all was well.

This is the beginning of the end and, when all is said and done, there are two reasons why. First, Legends did not become what they were by being idle, dull, and mundane. They did not become Legends by accepting rules like sheep in a herd. There have been stories told about them for centuries because they did not live quietly or timidly… And they recognized that rules were made to be broken rather than followed.

Second, it is the Shattered King who maintains the peace. It is the Shattered King who rules all. And the Shattered King has grown increasingly mad as time has passed. There are those who say he is no longer fit to rule, but they are wary enough to do so quietly… at least for now. When their voices rise loud enough, the Grimm Age will end in war and then where will we be?

The Setting