Wayland Smith


Name: Wayland Smith
High Concept: Wayland the Smith
Tell: The rat has human looking eyes and its when looked at has the look of clothes.

Strength: 3
Cunning: 3
Courage: 4
Beauty: 3
Wisdom: W
Prowess: 2

ASPECT: Vendetta
Invoke: Bonus dice when directly confronting King Hithad.
Compel: Keep looking over your shoulder.

ASPECT: Meticulous
Invoke: When you have the time and resources to do a job the right way, you get bonus dice.
Compel: When the character has to act spontaneously, he has to slow things down and make sure they’re done the right way. Pretty self-explanatory.

ASPECT: Dirty Fighter
Invoke: When using dirty or un-chivalrous fight methods in a combat.
Compel: When a character is forced to fight a opponent honorable but is given the opportunity to strike at a opponent in a underhanded way that could lead to a quick end of the fight.

LEGENDARY TRAITS (Artifact, Magic, Power, Etc)

ASPECT: Expert Adventer
Invoke: When in need of a device or item that could help complete a current task.
Compel: To seek out new challenges and adventers.
Doom: Things never goes as planed and only bring more trouble.

Nemesis: King Hithad
Contacts: Bodiva daughter of King Hithad
Dross: 1


Character Questions
1. What terrible secret do you hide from others?
That in a fit of rage he crafted several cursed pieces of jewelry out of the body parts of King Hithad’s sons. Which unknowingly were sold by the King and are now out in the world doing harm.

2. What sin did you commit during the Neverborn War and how did it change you?
In the creating of a artificial leg to replace the one he lost Wayland would cut down a tree of a dryad killing one of a very few of her kind left. The death of such a beautiful maiden creature at his hands has effected Wayland as he know goes out of his way for any young land in a attempt to atone for this sin and

3. What is the one virtue you refuse to sacrifice or compromise?
Hospitality, it has rarely been given to him but when give it has always been life changing and as such when every he offers or receives it he treats it with honor and integrity.

4. Who is the most important person in your life and why?
The Valkyrie Heime, his wayward wife and the first love of his life, but who has been missing after the first six years of their mirage.

5. What is your greatest fear?
That the seven magical swords that he created will help being a end to the world of Legends.

6. What do you want to accomplish before you die?
To reclaim his own sword and the seven others he created and kill King Hithad.

7. Identify one Legend you want to encounter during the game.
Daedalus father of Icarus

Wayland Smith

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