Percy Demitrius

Monster Hunter, Legendary Hero, Boring Tour Guide at the Fantastic Caverns, and Grand Champion of the SCA


Name: Percy Demitrius
High Concept: Perseus, son of Zeus and famed hero and monster slayer
Tell: Sometimes, when seen out of the corner of the eye, Perseus looks covered in blood.

Three Things

  • He has a reputation as a political malcontent, and is kept away from seats of power as much as possible because of it.
  • The only time he can get a girl is when he saves her life.
  • He is sick and tired of just hunting monsters for one king after another.

Strength: 2
Cunning: 3
Courage: 3
Beauty: 3
Wisdom: W
Prowess: 4

Wayfaring Hero
Invoke: When adventuring or hunting / fighting Legends.
Compel: To accept a heroic challenge.

Do What Must Be Done
Invoke: When doing something “for the Greater Good”.
Compel: To make a hard choice for the benefit of the masses or the innocent.

Slayer of Kings
Invoke: When fighting against an authority figure or rallying others to do so.
Compel: To voice displeasure with authority.

Legendary Traits

Armory of Olympus
Invoke: To reveal an Olympian artifact, gaining 3 dice.
Compel: To petition the Gods for aid.
Doom: Use of the artifact creates new monsters.


Style: 1


  • None


  • Big Z. Perseus is among Zeus’ most favorite children. Perseus is also the person that Zeus calls to bail him out of any trouble imaginable.
  • The Shattered King. Perseus did (and still does) lot of dirty work for the King.


  • Mari. Perseus and “Mari” have been enemies for thousands of years, and have come to a respect for one another. They still try to kill each other when they run across one another “out in the wild.”
    • At the last Red Masque, Mari was dressed in a costume to make herself resemble Andromeda. After asking Perseus to dance lead to an angry refusal, the two came together in battle (for the first time in their long history) against a demonic Titan. Perseus only then found out it was Mari, and there is the serious possibility of Romance.
    • In the alternate reality, Perseus gave up his access to the armory of Olympus in order to save Mari from the Hunger. This sacrifice is a symbol of their old, passionate love for one another that originally started as their intense, hated rivalry.


  • Headbutted by Giant Ape Rank III
  • Croc wranglin’ Rank II


  • Reclaim the Armory of the Gods
  • Destroy Ali’s lamp
  1. What terrible secret do you hide from others?
    I am the Shattered King’s personal executioner. Whenever someone becomes a threat, I am the person that typically is sent to kill them. I do not feed information to the King, and I do not choose the targets. I am only the sword that delivers the killing blow, and I am not entirely convinced that he has anyone else on the payroll in this regard.
  2. What sin did you commit during the Neverborn War and how did it change you?
    Fratricide. I killed my brother Hercules at the behest of the Shattered King because he was gathering too much power and influence.
  3. What is the one virtue you refuse to sacrifice or compromise?
    Pride. I’ve killed people and things before they had a chance to react, but I’ve never turned down a challenge to meet an opponent in a fair, face-to-face fight, even if the challenge was issued by a third party. I never tolerate anyone throwing their weight around, especially if its directed at me. I might do what you want me to do, but you’ll ASK me or CHALLENGE me, you will never ORDER me.
  4. Who is the most important person in your life and why?
    As sad and fucked up as it is, probably Mari. She gives me purpose, and usually is one of the only people that can understand me.
  5. What is your greatest fear?
    Becoming unnecessary or unneeded. I have spent so long fulfilling one purpose — killing — that I am afraid I don’t know how to do anything else. If I were ever relieved of my charge to hunt and destroy monsters that threatened the rest of the world, I am afraid that I wouldn’t know how to live.
  6. What do you want to accomplish before you die?
    Mari has to die before I do. She has to. She HAS to. If I have to drag myself out of Hades and bury my sword in her heart in front of the entire court, I’ll do it.
  7. Identify one Legend you want to encounter during the game.
    King Arthur. During the Neverborn War, I sided with the Shattered King due to circumstance more than anything else. My sword, in combination with Prince Charming’s absense during a key battle, made certain that Arthur failed to claim the crown. Now, I think he may be the only person capable of ruling the world in a just and decent manner.

Percy Demitrius