Dr. William Faust

Radiologist, Demonologist, Lapsed Catholic, and Poon Hound



Name Dr. William Faust
High Concept Doctor Faustus
Veil A Young Bill Murray
Tell Looks demonic out of the corner of eyes


Strength Cunning Courage Beauty Wisdom Prowess
W 3 2 3 5 2


Worldly Knowledge

  • Invoke: When using his vast pool of Knowledge.
  • Compel: To find the correct answer to any question.

The Pain of Pleasure

  • Invoke: When seducing… people.
  • Compel: To sensually inflict harm.

The Malleus Maleficarum

  • Invoke: When casting evil terrible rituals.
  • Compel: To spend time reading the book instead of taking immediate action.

Legendary Traits


  • Invoke: To fill people with amorous passion towards a specific target.
  • Compel: To honor any existing Contract to the letter of the deal.
  • Doom: The threshold between the Mortal World and The Lands of Nod is weakened, allowing more of Lilith’s influence to escape into the world.


Nemesis: Professor Abraham Van Helsing
Contacts: Mr. Nick & Captain James T. Hook
Dross: 1
Style: 4
Injuries: Rank 1: Bruised my asshole on an Asshole, Rank 1: Face Pummeled, Rank 5: Filled with Lead


  • Ali Baba:
  • Preston Charme:
  • Percy Demitrius:
  • Mr. Nick: When I first brokered my deal I didn’t do it directly with Nick but as my terms grew more detailed he stepped in for the final dealings. Contrary to popular belief, he’s always treated me very fairly. With Mephistopheles taking care of the professional end of our arrangement, it’s left Nick and I to become friends. Or, at least as friendly as a guy can get with the Devil.
  • Stephon Lee: He doesn’t make my skin crawl as much as Nick, but he still gives me the heebie-jeebies. He’s the first phone call I make whenever I need to call in favors but he’s far from what I could call a friend. He’s like a case-worker for me. All professional.
  • Captain James T. Hook: You don’t get to spend any time on Table Rock without reaching accord with Hook. Luckily, he finds my services invaluable. It’s rare that I don’t entertain his company at some point when I’m on the lake. Always bringing odd trinkets for me to identify or research for him.
  • Professor Abraham Van Helsing: Originally he hated me because I held the Malleus Maleficarum, but now he suspects that I might not be wholly human. I do my best to give Helsing a wide berth but he seems to crop up at the most inopportune times.
  • The Shattered King: I feel a modicum of responsibility for his reign. Perhaps if I had fully backed another King, a wiser King, we would have a different situation. As it stands, he’s not a terrible King. Maybe if we can put him back together again we can fix his… oddities.

Character Theme

Three Things

  • He has a small Radiology practice in Springfield where he consults for both St. Johns and Cox Health as one of the worlds leading Interventional Radiology and Nuclear Medicines specialists.
  • Since his practice doesn’t keep him to terribly busy he chooses to spend the majority of his time on a house boat on Table Rock Lake.
  • When he does get call into Springfield for extended periods he spends a decent amount of his free time at Sharky’s Billiards & Grill‎ with his old friend Nicholas.

Character Questions

  1. What terrible secret do you hide from others?
    • My contract with Mr. Nick expired generations ago. My soul has been damned to Hell and only my physical body remains upon the Earth. I am slowly becoming a demon in my own right, one filled with the knowledge of creation and unchecked earthly lusts. Nick has told me, time and time again, that my punishment will be to slowly watch myself become the monsters I sought to bind to my own will. That someday a man, much like myself, will be able to summon me to do his bidding. That time is still far away, but every year it grows closer.
  2. What sin did you commit during the Neverbor War and how did it change you?
    • Towards the end of the War when Legends vied for the Throne of the King it was wise King Solomon and Lord Dumpty that were in top contention for the seat. Both asked for my aid, as my knowledge of the world and command of Demons could provide the strategic advantage the other needed to size control. Behind closed doors I told King Solomon that I would be in his service but when the day to confront Lord Dumpty arrived I was no where to be found. I abandoned the man who should have been High King in his time of need and I can not even tell you why I did.
  3. What is the one virtue you refuse to sacrifice or compromise?
    • Knowledge. I believe that it is only what we do not know that can truly hurt us. I have been willing to damn my soul and curse my very existence just to know what I do. I would never abandon the knowledge I have collected.
  4. Who is the most important person in your life and why?
    • Her name is Gretchen. When she was 6 years old she was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. When her family brought her into my office I was overwhelmed by the pure innocence of this little girl. I dedicated years to understanding her ailment and eventually developed a treatment, one specially tailored to her unique biological makeup, and cured her cancer. Over the course of her treatment I had become friends with her parents and she always knew the service I did for her. Over the last fifteen years we have remained friends. Last year when she went to college she called me and told me she planned on getting a degree in medical administration. She asked if she could work for me when she graduated and I told her not to wait. She’s been my receptionist since and someday hopes to become my personal assistant.
  5. What is your greatest fear?
    • Madness and insanity, not only in myself but in others. The mind is such a fragile realm and to see it shattered is a horrific notion. It shook me to the bone to watch once brilliant men stumped into delirium. The knowledge lost to madness terrifies me and the idea of myself one day befalling that fate is almost to much for me to stand.
  6. What do you want to accomplish before you die?
    • While my soul is already damned I would like to at least get one over on old Mr. Nick. Maybe to take something precious to him or deny him some pleasure. To win one of his wagers or just to come out on top of one of his deals. Just to be able to say that I best Satan would let me die a happy man.
  7. Identify one Legend you want to encounter during the game.
    • Stingy Jack, also known as Jack the Smith, Drunk Jack, and Jack of the Lantern. He’s one of the few fokelore characters I’ve heard of who has actually beat the Devil. I know not if Jack survived the War or if he ever existed as I do, but to be able to sit and chat with a man that clever would be a treat.

Dr. William Faust