Episode 7

To Sleep Perchance to Dream

The episode opens to reveal a gathering at the Albino Farm (the same place the Red Masque took place in episode 2). It is immediately obvious that people at the party are straining to look happy and make small talk.

The scene focuses on Preston Charm talking to Morgan. Morgan tells Preston that he should not have come to the gathering because it is too dangerous. He, however, informs her that he has the situation under control and he is not worried. Frustrated by his response, Morgan tells Preston that everyone is danger because the King’s emissaries have come to visit. She explains that Faust’s plan to deal with them is clearly not going to work.

The scene shifts to Wayland Smith. It is obvious that his mechanical arm is gone. In its place is a normal arm covered in runic tattoos. He is approached by Bodiva who places her arms around him possessively and asks him to introduce her to his friends. Wayland introduces Bodiva to Ali. Ali reports that he is now an antics dealer. After making some small talk, Bodiva draws Wayland away to dance with her.

Percy is seen talking to Granny Orichenko. Perceptive viewers may notice that he is now wearing a wedding ring. Percy asks Granny if she can tell him who has abducted Big Z and where they may have taken him. Granny agrees to provide Percy with the information provided she is willing to give him a young child for her to feast on. Percy reluctantly agrees to consider this.

The scene finally turns to Faust. He is observed kissing and fondling a woman wearing a red cloak. While they are kissing, Captain Hook calls for the Red Lady to approach the stage. The woman in the cloak stands and runs to Captain Hook. When she arrives, however, she is confronted by the menacing Hessian. The Hessian pulls the cloak from her shoulders, revealing an unknown silver haired woman who is clearly not the Red Lady. The Hessian cuts her head off and his companion, Robin Goodfellow, steps forward. Goodfellow scolds the locals for trying to pass off an imposter as the Red lady. He announces that the denizens of Ozarkia have 72 hours to turn over the Red Lady to them or the purge will begin.

Preston Charm returns home after the gathering. A shadowy female figure appears in his hallway mirror telling him that she has a mission for him. She informs Preston that Excalibur was stolen from King Arthur. She charges him with retrieving the sword. Preston agrees to the mission and goes to the kitchen. He discovers Cinderella who has prepared a lovely meal to celebrate their anniversary. Sadly, the meal is cold because he missed the dinner. Fortunately for him, Preston has a gift on stand by – a crystal necklace made from the remnants of her long lost slipper. Cinderella seems appropriately appeased, but Preston is unable to enjoy the rest of his anniversary because he is still afflicted with the curse.

Percy returns home to Mari where he finds her working in the garden. He tells Mari that the High King’s emissaries have arrived and are demanding to see the Red Lady. He said that the purge he expected is delayed by 72 hours because Faust arranged for a someone to impersonate the Red Lady badly. Mari expresses concerns that one of Percy’s friends will confess what they know to the emissaries. Percy explains that is why he hasn’t told anyone what really happened to the Red Lady. Mari asks if Percy has a lead on finding his missing father. Percy confesses that he will have to give Granny a suitable sacrifice in order to get the information he needs. Mari excuses herself to get ready for work and the two leave. As they depart, the camera focuses on a statue that (upon closer inspection) is actually the petrified Red Lady.

Shortly after opening his antiques shop in the morning, Ali is approached by Jack Fletcher. Jack explains that he wants to remove the High King from power and end his mad, tyrannical rule. After some consideration, Ali agrees to aid Jack even though he blatantly refuses to develop any long term plans to accomplish his goal.

While cleaning Bodiva’s home in an apron and a “man-kini”, Wayland is visited by Robin GoodFellow and the Hessian. After teasing him about being indentured to Bodiva, Robin asks him what he has learned about the Red Lady and the fragment of the High King he was sent to retrieve. Wayland lies and tells them he was unable to discover anything because he has not had the opportunity to talk to the real Red Lady. Robin has doubts about Wayland’s loyalties and sincerity, but he keeps those doubts to himself for the moment.

When Faust arrives for work, he finds Myron J. Kyle waiting for him. Myron informs Faust that he has had encounters with mortals who have been able to see him in his true form. He expresses concerns that the veil is beginning to break down. Faust encourages him to solve the problem himself. Kyle reminds Faust that he, as the Seneschal, has the burden of running Ozarkia in the Red Lady’s absence. Myron departs and Faust complains bitterly to Gretchen. She, in turn, tries to comfort him.

Faust calls Percy and asks him why the veil might fail. They discuss the possibility that the damage to the veil may be related to the various wishes that have been used to alter reality. Percy suggestes that Faust talk to Ali about it. Before he hangs up, however, Percy asks Faust what it would take to divulge the location of Peter Pan’s current location. Faust responds with a riddle – “What Hook could not give me.”

Faust calls Ali. Ali admits that his wishes are never iron clad and something goes wrong with them every time. He notes, however, that the most likely cause for mortals being able to see through the veil is that they are using Ambrosia – a psychoactive drug developed by the Fourty. Faust is skeptical, but agrees to check it out as a possible lead. In the meantime, he encourages Ali to ask Nick if he can review the contract that was used to make the wish that reset reality.

Ali calls Mr. Nick and asks if he can look at the contract. Nick notes that Ali has not yet lived up to his part of their last bargain. He notes that Ali agreed to murder and torture Faust for all of eternity. He encourages Ali to get started soon or face the consequences for breaking a contract.

While Wayland is grocery shopping for Bodiva, he is approched by Jack Fletcher. Jack offers to help Wayland free himself for Bodiva in return for a favor to be named later. Wayland is reluctant and asks to think about it. On his way home from the store, Wayland sees Jack talking to Dana Davenport. He stops spontaneously and goes over to talk to Jack when Dana leaves. He tells Jack that he will make the deal. Jack shakes his hand, climbs into the car, and heads back to Bodiva’s home with Wayland.

Morgan visits Ali as he is getting ready to close the antique shop. She tells Ali that the King’s emissaries are questioning everyone in town. She expresses concern about what will happen if they are unable to find the Red Lady in 72 hours. She also mentions that various Legends have expressed concerns to her about mortals being able to see through the veil. Ali suggests that the likely cause is Ambrosia. Morgan, as Ozarkia’s new Sheriff, agrees to check out the lead. She notes, however, that their lives may be brief so she suggests taking the rest of the evening to enjoy a quiet dinner together. Ali readily agrees.

Faust goes out at night to see if anyone will be able to see his true form. He encounters a drunk man who clearly sees him as a demon. The drunk turns, tries to run, trips, falls, and injures himself. Faust follows the drunk to the hospital where he flirts with the nurses until the drunk is treated and discharged. Faust confronts the man and discovers that he has recently used Ambrosia. After interrogating him, however, Faust is only able to learn that he bought the drug from an attractive, shapely woman.

Percy is visited by Robin Goodfellow and the Hessian. Robin offers Percy the job of helping them purge the citzens of Ozarkia if the Red Lady is not found by the deadline. Percy warns Robin that even threatening a purge is likely to drive the denizens of Ozarkia to support rebel terrorists like Arthur – King of the Britans. Robin Goodfellow dismisses Arthur, suggesting that he is not a credible threat since he no longer has Excalibur. He tells Percy that he is giving him a unique opportunity to be a member of the winning side if things come to a head. Robin asks Percy what he knows about the disappearance of the Red Lady. Percy lies and says he knows nothing. Robin does not believe him, but the Hessian does. Robin considers confronting Percy, but instead tries to bribe him. He reveals that he knows Big Z has been kidnapped and suggests he may be able to help Percy get his father back. Percy agrees to consider the offer.

Morgan calls Faust. They talk about how mortals being able to see through the veil is likely to aggravate the current conflict between Ozarkia and the High King’s court. Morgan wonders aloud who would be foolish enough to create a substance allowing mortals to see through the veil. Faust gives Morgan a description of the woman who is selling Ambrosia and asks her to find the supplier.

Morgan calls Percy and asks him where Big Z might be. Faust suggests that Big Z may know something about the development of Ambrosia. Percy informs Faust that Big Z has been kidnapped. He suggests that he may be able to rescue him if he can capture Pan. Percy admits that he intends to give Pan to Granny Orichenko in return for the information she requires. Faust indicates that he would like to tell Percy where Pan is, but he can’t do it without upsetting Hook. After some discussion, the two concoct a plan. Faust agrees to tell Hook where Pan is… but he will do it in a location where Percy can overhear the information. If Percy can reach Pan before Hook, than he can capture him for Granny Orichenko. Percy agrees and leaves to obtain people to help him capture Pan.

Percy calls in a favor from Ali and Ali agrees to help. Percy than goes to Bodiva’s. He convinces Wayland to help him if he works with Jack to free Wayland from Bodiva’s bondage. When Wayland agrees, Percy reveals that he has Excalibur. He uses the sword to cut off the arm with the runic tattoos. Percy uses a bean he obtained from Jack to grow Wayland a new arm made of plant matter. When Bodiva realizes that Wayland is no longer her thrall, she is furious. She confronts Wayland and Percy, letting them know that she is not done with them yet. Before he leaves the house, Wayland constructs and hides a bomb. As Jack, Wayland, and Percy leave the house, it explodes in a spectacular slow motion shot.

Faust calls Captain Hook. He tells him he has recently located Peter Pan’s location. He offers to give Hook the information, but only in person. He tricks Hook into selected The Incredible Pizza Company as the location for the meeting. After hanging up, Faust is embraced by the mysterious silver haired woman who was apparently beheaded at Albino Farm. She reveals, in a raspy voice, that she only agreed to work with Faust because he had a plan for stopping the purge and she did not expect to lose her head over it. Faust admits that his whole plan was to stall the purge by a few days. He reveals that the Red Lady will not be found in time because there is currently no Red Lady. He tells the mysterious woman that he has to leave in order to put the rest of his plan for saving Ozarkia into motion.



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