Episode 3

The approaching storm and other tales of woe...

The episode opens with a flashback. Wayland Smith is summoned by the Shattered King. The King sends Wayland as an emissary to the Red Masque and charges him with a quest to retrieve a piece of himself from the Red Lady. Wayland reluctantly accepts the quest from the mad king. He banters with Robin Goodfellow before leaving for Springfield.

Back in the present day, Morgan is assigned to search for survivors of the Red Masque. She discovers Wayland, the last surviving member of the Shattered King’s emissaries, trapped under a fallen tree. She helps free him and assigns herself to act as a body guard. Morgan explains that she is terrified what will happen if the last of the King’s emissaries were to die.

In the meantime, Percy goes into the woods looking for clues about what happened. He discovers that the Red Lady and Woody simply vanished from where they were standing when the lightening storm began. He also discovers that ing Arthur, Van Helsing, and Cinderella fled through the woods to a meeting point where they were likely carried off by Pegasus.

Faust wakes up to find himself tied to the a radiator in a dank basement. Delilah reveals that she kidnapped him and wants revenge for what he did to her. She proceeds to torture him for a while. She reluctantly stops and informs Faust she has some work to attend to. She leaves him in the hands of her current boyfriend – Tony Montana. Faust makes a deal with Montana. He tells Montana that the stolen formula for AMbrosia is hidden in a locker at the Pink Cadillac. In return, Montana releases Faust. Faust escapes from the house and steals Delilah’s car.

Percy returns to the clearing and finds Preston Charm waiting. Preston complains that he is having problems performing. To test the theory, Percy takes Preston to the Pink Cadillac strip club. At the club, Preston quickly discovers that he has lost his mojo. Percy, on the other hand, begins flirting wildly with strippers… something completely out of character for him.

The fun at the Pink Cadillac is interrupted when Tony Montana shows up. He beats up the bouncers and forces his way into the locker room. Percy confronts Tony. After a legendary brawl, Tony grabs the formula for Ambrosia and escapes out the clubs back door. Unfortunately for him, Faust is waiting. Faust runs down Tony Montana using Delilah’s car. Tony flees on foot and escapes. Faust casually leaves the scene before the police show up to investigate. After being questioned by Morgan, Percy leaves with Mari. He goes to her house where they come uncomfortably close to having an intimate encounter. Percy sobers up and leaves before anything happens…

In the meantime, Preston Charm visits Granny Orne to find out if there is a way to fix his problem. She tells him that he has been cursed. She informs him that he has a year and a day to lift the curse by completing three tasks: (1) Earning the admiration of an innocent girl; (2) Performing a genuinely chivalrous act; (3) Helping another man find true love.

After clearing up the mess at the Pink Cadillac, Morgan and Wayland go to the Red Lady’s estate to look for clues about where she might be. After breaking into her home, they discover a picture hidden in another picture. The picture shows the Red Lady, Big Z, and Woody all standing on the Yellow Brick Road. Based on the evidence in the picture, Morgan concludes that the Red Lady and Woody are most likely in Oz.

Faust returns to Lake of the Ozarks where he purchases his boat back from Hook. To celebrate, Faust announces that he will be having a large party on the lake. Several people show up including Hook, Percy, Big Z, and Preston Charm. Morgan and Wayland arrive to ask for help finding the Red Lady. Wayland makes a deal with Big Z for information about how to get to Oz. Big Z simply tells him to look for the Yellow Brick Road… a local daycare in Springfield.

As the episode closes, we see Tony Montana preparing to fire a rocket launcher at Faust’s boat. “Say hello to my little friend…”



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