Episode 8
Nevermore (2 Part Series Finale)

As the episode begins, we see a hoard of pirates terrorizing small children at the Incredible Pizza Company. Faust is seated with Hook at a table filled with the remains on pizza crusts and dirty plates. Hook demands that Faust stop the idle chit chat and tell him where Pan is. Faust informs Hook that Pan has retreated back to Neverland. He also reveals that there is a working portal to Neverland hidden in the depths of Fantastic Caverns. Hook quickly corals his men and they board a Branson Duck Bus to depart for Fantastic Caverns.

In the meantime, the camera pans around to reveal that Percy, Wayland, Jack, and Ali have been hiding out in the booth behind Hook and Faust. Percy overheard everything Faust said to Hook. Percy informs them that he used to be a tour guide at Fantastic Caverns and knows the area well. They set out to try and reach Neverland before Hook does.

After leaving Incredible Pizza, Faust receives a phone call from Morgan. She tells Faust that she discovered that the woman who is pushing Ambrosia on the streets is a fable named Dana Davenport. Faust goes to Dana’s apartment to confront her, but finds it empty and ransacked. Before he can leave, he is confronted by Robyn Goodfellow and the Hessian. Robyn berates Faust for failing to put a stop to the Ambrosia problem. Faust refuses to be intimidated by the Hessian and explains to the King’s emissaries that the problem will be resolved shortly. Robyn reminds him there are only two days left until the purge begins.

When Percy and his friends arrive at Fantastic Caverns, they discover that Hook and his men have already arrived. They enter the cavern, but are confronted by an employee who tries to stop them when they try to leave the approved tour route. Percy cold cocks the tour guide and leads his friends deep into the underbelly of the caverns. While in pursuit of Hook, they encounter a gaping cavern over a near bottomless pit. Jack uses a bean to grow a bridge over the pit and the group moves on. Next, they encounter a vast underground lake filled with albino crocodiles. The group kills one of the crocodiles and uses its skin to disguise themselves so they can cross the lake unmolested.

Faust deduces that Dana has a secret bolt hole and he goes to confront her there. Faust offers her exile and asylum in Neverland if she informs him about the plot she is involved in. She is initially unwilling to answer his questions, but she changes her mind after Faust reveals that the Hessian is following him and will be arriving shortly to execute her. Dana explains that Jack Fletcher hired the Forty to create and market Ambrosia as a means of destabilizing the Red Lady’s rule and provoking a conflict with the Shattered King. Faust encourages Dana to “think childish thoughts” so she can follow him to Neverland before the Hessian arrives.

While searching for the entrance to Neverland, Percy and his friends cross paths with Hook. Wayland, Jack, and Percy manage to hide. Ali, however, is discovered and captured by Hook’s men. Hook tortures Ali to discover why he is in Fantastic Caverns. Ali reveals that his friends are also looking for Peter Pan. He lies, however, and tells Hook that his friends are already in Neverland. In a fit of rage, Hook monologues and reveals the secret to entering Neverland – “How did they know they had to follow the second star to the left and go straight on until dawn?” Hook leaves Ali for dead and leaves for Neverland. Percy, having overheard the whole conversation, rescues Ali and uses the information to follow Hook into Neverland.

When Percy, Wayland, Ali, and Jack arrive in Neverland, they find themselves in a tropical forest surrounded by cannibals. They try to talk themselves out of their predicament, but fail and end up tied up in a cooking pot. Percy escapes and confronts the Cannibal tribe’s champion – a carnivorous Ape named Uk-Tah. While Percy engages in an epic battle with Uk-Tah, Jack and Wayland manage to escape. Ali, however, is caught trying to sneak away and returned to the cooking pot.

Faust uses a short cut to arrive at Wendy’s House in Neverland. There he finds a filthy, neglected home and a very bored Peter Pan. Pan is thrilled when Faust tells him that Hook has returned to Neverland and is trying to hunt him down. He immediately gathers his sword and goes to confront his old nemesis. In the meantime, Tinker Bell leads Faust to the top of Neverpeak Mountain. There he discovers that he can literally see beyond belief. He uses that ability to watch as events in Neverland unfold.

Percy’s battle with Uk-Tah ends with him drowning the giant ape in the lagoon. Before he can catch his breath, however, he is set upon by the giant crocodile Tic-Tok. Percy mounts the beast and uses the scent from one of Hook’s hat’s to direct Tik-Tok towards the Jolly Roger.

While the cannibals are watching Percy fight Tik-Tok, Ali makes a second escape attempt. He manages to get out of the cooking pot, but he remains tied to the spit. Once the cannibals realize their meal is gone, they give chase and a series of hilarious stunts ensues. Ali finally manages to escape the cannibals with the aid of Wayland who has made friends with a giant bird. Wayland directs his new friend to pick up Ali and the two fly to Neverpeak Mountain to meet up with Jack Fletcher and Faust.

In the meantime, Hook and Pan are engaged in an epic battle aboard the Jolly Roger. The battle is close, but Hook eventually begins to gain an edge on his old enemy. Just when it looks like Hook might win, however, Percy sets Tik-Tok lose on the ship. Hook, distracted by the arrival of the giant crocodile, loses his hold and gives Pan the opportunity to take the fight to higher ground. The two eventually end up dueling up the mountain road to the top of Neverpeak Mountain. As the two arrive at the peak, so does Wendy. Apparently, Tinker Bell informed her that Peter was in danger and summoned her to the mountainside.

While everyone is distracted by Pan and Hook’s duel, Percy uses the opportunity to kidnap Wendy. Faust betrays Jack Fletcher, cutting his hamstrings. Faust summons Robyn Goodfellow to Neverland and informs him that Jack is responsible for the Ambrosia problem. Robyn thanks Faust for his aid, but reminds him he still has to find the Red Lady within 24 hours to prevent the purge. Robyn departs with a screaming Jack Fletcher. Faust, Percy, Wayland, and Ali leave with Wendy.

After returning to Ozarkia, everyone goes to see Granny Orichenko. Percy gives Granny Wendy in return for information about what happened to Big Z. Granny reads an omen and tells Percy that Big Z discovered that Jack Fletcher had hired the Forty to develop Ambrosia. She tells him that the Forty were hired by Jack Fletcher to eliminate Big Z, but someone recently made them a better offer. The Titan Helios paid them to kidnap Big Z and deliver him to a warehouse in Nixa.

Looking over Granny’s shoulder, Faust is able to see some of what Granny is not revealing to Percy. He reveals that the Forty agreed to help Jack Fletcher because they have their own plan to overthrow the Shattered King and put someone else on the throne. Granny is impressed and she rewards Faust’s insight by informing him that the man the Forty want to be High King is Solomon. as the Legends depart to plan their next move, Granny prepares Wendy for dinner.

Faust and Percy have a private conversation. Faust reveals that he once betrayed Solomon and he feels the need to pay him back. Faust asks Percy if he will help the Forty place Solomon on the throne. Percy agrees provided King Arthur is OK with the plan. They both agree that Ali will not willingly aid the Forty. They agree to send him on a quest to distract him while they pursue their plan.

Faust informs Ali where he can find several of the ingredients he needs to cure the curse of living death he still suffers from. Ali goes home to Morgan. He informs her that he needs to return to Oz to find the items he needs to end his curse. She reluctantly agrees to go with him. When they return to Oz, they find that it is worse than the last time they were present. Apparently, Galinda absorbed some of Malificent’s essence and became corrupted. After taking control of the Emerald City, she animated an army of tin woodsman which she has been using to enforce her will. Ali and Morgan fight their way through Galinda’s army, but Ali’s right arm is severed in the process. Ali and Morgan sneak into Emerald City to steal the last remaining ingredient for Ali’s cure. Before they can escape, however, they are confronted by Galinda. Morgan sacrifices herself to save Ali from certain death. Her selfless act brings Galinda back to her senses and she is able to force the remaining piece of Malificent from her soul. Galinda gifts Ali with the item he needs for his cure and returns him to Ozarkia.

Percy and Faust go to Nixa to confront Helios. While enroute, Percy arranges to trade a poem to Apollo in return for temporary use of the sun god’s bow. When they arrive in Nixa, Faust manages to convince Helios to offer them hospitality. They discover that Helios has his father, Cronos, on life support. Helios has been feeding Big Z’s essence to Cronos to help him recover. Faust offers Helios and alternative solution. He agrees to give Helios a major dross item (the rock Zues feed to Cronos) and the knowledge of how to use it to heal Cronos in return for Big Z. Helios agrees. Percy uses Apollo’s Bow to heal Big Z.

When Ali returns from Oz, he is depressed and hopeless. He gets drunk, gathers all of Morgan’s firearms, and goes to confront the Forty in their secret hideout. He arrives at roughly the same time Faust, Percy, and Big Z do. Faust tries to seduce Ali to keep him from executing the Forty. One of the Forty spots Ali, however, and opens fire. An epic slow motion gun battle begins.

Gretchen, having been told that Faust is in danger, arrives in the middle of the gun fight. Faust throws himself in front of Gretchen to save her and is killed. During the battle, Ali manages to kill many of his enemies using a well placed grenade. He is, however, badly wounded by a hail of gunfire and the relentless damage to his body makes the zombie curse progress more quickly.

Percy and Big Z manage to stop Ali and the Forty from killing each other. They are able to broker a delicate truce by revealing that they have a common goal. Percy informs the Forty that he wants to help them place King Solomon on the high throne. He gets them the aid of King Arthur by offering to return Excalibur. He then offers to assassinate the Shattered King for them. The forty agree to the plan.

Meanwhile, Faust awakens in the land of Nod where he find Nick waiting for him. Nick reveals that Faust’s betrayal and death were all part of a long standing plan. Nick also hints that he convinced Gretchen to sign away her soul to him in return for helping Faust. The two begin a slow journey back to the land of the living…

Percy sends Wayland and Ali to his home. Mari tells them how to revive the petrified Red Lady. Before they do, however, Wayland removes the piece of the Shattered King from her. Now free of the King’s control, the Red Lady agrees to keep Robyn Goodfellow and the Hessian busy while Percy assassinates the King.

Percy calls in a favor from Wayland and forces him to forge a magical blade for him – Kingslayer. Wayland does so reluctantly. Percy uses the blade to assassinate the mad king. With Humpty Dumpty dead, King Solomon is easily able to claim the high throne and a new era of peace begins.

In the epilogue, we discover that the rise of the Shattered King was engineered by Solomon, Nick, and Moriarty (the hidden leader of the Forty). Solomon knew that most of the legends would not appreciate what he could offer until they had experienced a terrible leader. As such, Nick arranged for key Legends to betray the individuals who might make good kings so that the Shattered King could take the throne. Since that time, Nick, Moriarty, and Solomon have been slowly conspiring to bring about the Shattered King’s downfall so Solomon could take the throne. The plan was a tremendous success, but all involved agree that certain people (Nick, Moriarty, Faust, and Percy) need to be exiled for the reign of peace to begin…

As Nick is packing up his belongings, Preston Charm approaches him and asks to make a deal. Preston explains that he wants to save Gretchen’s soul and asks what Nick wants in return…

Meanwhile, Ali brews a potion to cure his zombie curse using ingredients stolen from Granny Orichenko, Oz, and Neverland. After curing himself, he becomes increasingly bitter about the loss of Morgan. With Moriarity gone, Ali makes a bid to take control of the Forty. He slowly begins plotting how to overthrow King Solomon and insure that every legend knows how bitter and miserable his existence is…

Episode 7
To Sleep Perchance to Dream

The episode opens to reveal a gathering at the Albino Farm (the same place the Red Masque took place in episode 2). It is immediately obvious that people at the party are straining to look happy and make small talk.

The scene focuses on Preston Charm talking to Morgan. Morgan tells Preston that he should not have come to the gathering because it is too dangerous. He, however, informs her that he has the situation under control and he is not worried. Frustrated by his response, Morgan tells Preston that everyone is danger because the King’s emissaries have come to visit. She explains that Faust’s plan to deal with them is clearly not going to work.

The scene shifts to Wayland Smith. It is obvious that his mechanical arm is gone. In its place is a normal arm covered in runic tattoos. He is approached by Bodiva who places her arms around him possessively and asks him to introduce her to his friends. Wayland introduces Bodiva to Ali. Ali reports that he is now an antics dealer. After making some small talk, Bodiva draws Wayland away to dance with her.

Percy is seen talking to Granny Orichenko. Perceptive viewers may notice that he is now wearing a wedding ring. Percy asks Granny if she can tell him who has abducted Big Z and where they may have taken him. Granny agrees to provide Percy with the information provided she is willing to give him a young child for her to feast on. Percy reluctantly agrees to consider this.

The scene finally turns to Faust. He is observed kissing and fondling a woman wearing a red cloak. While they are kissing, Captain Hook calls for the Red Lady to approach the stage. The woman in the cloak stands and runs to Captain Hook. When she arrives, however, she is confronted by the menacing Hessian. The Hessian pulls the cloak from her shoulders, revealing an unknown silver haired woman who is clearly not the Red Lady. The Hessian cuts her head off and his companion, Robin Goodfellow, steps forward. Goodfellow scolds the locals for trying to pass off an imposter as the Red lady. He announces that the denizens of Ozarkia have 72 hours to turn over the Red Lady to them or the purge will begin.

Preston Charm returns home after the gathering. A shadowy female figure appears in his hallway mirror telling him that she has a mission for him. She informs Preston that Excalibur was stolen from King Arthur. She charges him with retrieving the sword. Preston agrees to the mission and goes to the kitchen. He discovers Cinderella who has prepared a lovely meal to celebrate their anniversary. Sadly, the meal is cold because he missed the dinner. Fortunately for him, Preston has a gift on stand by – a crystal necklace made from the remnants of her long lost slipper. Cinderella seems appropriately appeased, but Preston is unable to enjoy the rest of his anniversary because he is still afflicted with the curse.

Percy returns home to Mari where he finds her working in the garden. He tells Mari that the High King’s emissaries have arrived and are demanding to see the Red Lady. He said that the purge he expected is delayed by 72 hours because Faust arranged for a someone to impersonate the Red Lady badly. Mari expresses concerns that one of Percy’s friends will confess what they know to the emissaries. Percy explains that is why he hasn’t told anyone what really happened to the Red Lady. Mari asks if Percy has a lead on finding his missing father. Percy confesses that he will have to give Granny a suitable sacrifice in order to get the information he needs. Mari excuses herself to get ready for work and the two leave. As they depart, the camera focuses on a statue that (upon closer inspection) is actually the petrified Red Lady.

Shortly after opening his antiques shop in the morning, Ali is approached by Jack Fletcher. Jack explains that he wants to remove the High King from power and end his mad, tyrannical rule. After some consideration, Ali agrees to aid Jack even though he blatantly refuses to develop any long term plans to accomplish his goal.

While cleaning Bodiva’s home in an apron and a “man-kini”, Wayland is visited by Robin GoodFellow and the Hessian. After teasing him about being indentured to Bodiva, Robin asks him what he has learned about the Red Lady and the fragment of the High King he was sent to retrieve. Wayland lies and tells them he was unable to discover anything because he has not had the opportunity to talk to the real Red Lady. Robin has doubts about Wayland’s loyalties and sincerity, but he keeps those doubts to himself for the moment.

When Faust arrives for work, he finds Myron J. Kyle waiting for him. Myron informs Faust that he has had encounters with mortals who have been able to see him in his true form. He expresses concerns that the veil is beginning to break down. Faust encourages him to solve the problem himself. Kyle reminds Faust that he, as the Seneschal, has the burden of running Ozarkia in the Red Lady’s absence. Myron departs and Faust complains bitterly to Gretchen. She, in turn, tries to comfort him.

Faust calls Percy and asks him why the veil might fail. They discuss the possibility that the damage to the veil may be related to the various wishes that have been used to alter reality. Percy suggestes that Faust talk to Ali about it. Before he hangs up, however, Percy asks Faust what it would take to divulge the location of Peter Pan’s current location. Faust responds with a riddle – “What Hook could not give me.”

Faust calls Ali. Ali admits that his wishes are never iron clad and something goes wrong with them every time. He notes, however, that the most likely cause for mortals being able to see through the veil is that they are using Ambrosia – a psychoactive drug developed by the Fourty. Faust is skeptical, but agrees to check it out as a possible lead. In the meantime, he encourages Ali to ask Nick if he can review the contract that was used to make the wish that reset reality.

Ali calls Mr. Nick and asks if he can look at the contract. Nick notes that Ali has not yet lived up to his part of their last bargain. He notes that Ali agreed to murder and torture Faust for all of eternity. He encourages Ali to get started soon or face the consequences for breaking a contract.

While Wayland is grocery shopping for Bodiva, he is approched by Jack Fletcher. Jack offers to help Wayland free himself for Bodiva in return for a favor to be named later. Wayland is reluctant and asks to think about it. On his way home from the store, Wayland sees Jack talking to Dana Davenport. He stops spontaneously and goes over to talk to Jack when Dana leaves. He tells Jack that he will make the deal. Jack shakes his hand, climbs into the car, and heads back to Bodiva’s home with Wayland.

Morgan visits Ali as he is getting ready to close the antique shop. She tells Ali that the King’s emissaries are questioning everyone in town. She expresses concern about what will happen if they are unable to find the Red Lady in 72 hours. She also mentions that various Legends have expressed concerns to her about mortals being able to see through the veil. Ali suggests that the likely cause is Ambrosia. Morgan, as Ozarkia’s new Sheriff, agrees to check out the lead. She notes, however, that their lives may be brief so she suggests taking the rest of the evening to enjoy a quiet dinner together. Ali readily agrees.

Faust goes out at night to see if anyone will be able to see his true form. He encounters a drunk man who clearly sees him as a demon. The drunk turns, tries to run, trips, falls, and injures himself. Faust follows the drunk to the hospital where he flirts with the nurses until the drunk is treated and discharged. Faust confronts the man and discovers that he has recently used Ambrosia. After interrogating him, however, Faust is only able to learn that he bought the drug from an attractive, shapely woman.

Percy is visited by Robin Goodfellow and the Hessian. Robin offers Percy the job of helping them purge the citzens of Ozarkia if the Red Lady is not found by the deadline. Percy warns Robin that even threatening a purge is likely to drive the denizens of Ozarkia to support rebel terrorists like Arthur – King of the Britans. Robin Goodfellow dismisses Arthur, suggesting that he is not a credible threat since he no longer has Excalibur. He tells Percy that he is giving him a unique opportunity to be a member of the winning side if things come to a head. Robin asks Percy what he knows about the disappearance of the Red Lady. Percy lies and says he knows nothing. Robin does not believe him, but the Hessian does. Robin considers confronting Percy, but instead tries to bribe him. He reveals that he knows Big Z has been kidnapped and suggests he may be able to help Percy get his father back. Percy agrees to consider the offer.

Morgan calls Faust. They talk about how mortals being able to see through the veil is likely to aggravate the current conflict between Ozarkia and the High King’s court. Morgan wonders aloud who would be foolish enough to create a substance allowing mortals to see through the veil. Faust gives Morgan a description of the woman who is selling Ambrosia and asks her to find the supplier.

Morgan calls Percy and asks him where Big Z might be. Faust suggests that Big Z may know something about the development of Ambrosia. Percy informs Faust that Big Z has been kidnapped. He suggests that he may be able to rescue him if he can capture Pan. Percy admits that he intends to give Pan to Granny Orichenko in return for the information she requires. Faust indicates that he would like to tell Percy where Pan is, but he can’t do it without upsetting Hook. After some discussion, the two concoct a plan. Faust agrees to tell Hook where Pan is… but he will do it in a location where Percy can overhear the information. If Percy can reach Pan before Hook, than he can capture him for Granny Orichenko. Percy agrees and leaves to obtain people to help him capture Pan.

Percy calls in a favor from Ali and Ali agrees to help. Percy than goes to Bodiva’s. He convinces Wayland to help him if he works with Jack to free Wayland from Bodiva’s bondage. When Wayland agrees, Percy reveals that he has Excalibur. He uses the sword to cut off the arm with the runic tattoos. Percy uses a bean he obtained from Jack to grow Wayland a new arm made of plant matter. When Bodiva realizes that Wayland is no longer her thrall, she is furious. She confronts Wayland and Percy, letting them know that she is not done with them yet. Before he leaves the house, Wayland constructs and hides a bomb. As Jack, Wayland, and Percy leave the house, it explodes in a spectacular slow motion shot.

Faust calls Captain Hook. He tells him he has recently located Peter Pan’s location. He offers to give Hook the information, but only in person. He tricks Hook into selected The Incredible Pizza Company as the location for the meeting. After hanging up, Faust is embraced by the mysterious silver haired woman who was apparently beheaded at Albino Farm. She reveals, in a raspy voice, that she only agreed to work with Faust because he had a plan for stopping the purge and she did not expect to lose her head over it. Faust admits that his whole plan was to stall the purge by a few days. He reveals that the Red Lady will not be found in time because there is currently no Red Lady. He tells the mysterious woman that he has to leave in order to put the rest of his plan for saving Ozarkia into motion.

Episode 6

The episode opens with Cinderella waking up. Preston takes her back to his apartment. She attempts to seduce him again. This time, he gives in because he wants to save her. She embraces him and steals away most of his vitality before his sacrifice finally cures her. Unfortunately, Preston’s use of magic has drawn the attention of the Elder gods. Preston begins to pass out just as something terrible appears through the corners of the room…

When Preston wakes up, he finds himself in a wheel barrow being pushed by a quickly tiring Cinderella with Wayland Smith (still in the form of a rat) sitting on his chest. Preston quickly discovers that they are being chased by Hounds of Tindalos. The Hounds chase the trio through the ruins of Springfield and Wayland is lost in the chaos. Just as the hounds are about to finish Preston and Cinderella off, Preston recalls that the beasts are vulnerable to cold iron. He unloads the last remaining cold iron rounds from his shot gun and kills the hounds.

Meanwhile, Percy goes to Mari’s farmhouse to retrieve two magical swords that he stashed there in the past. When he arrives, he finds that her home has been swallowed by an Elder god. Percy is badly wounded by the ancient evil while trying to access the detached cellar where the blades are hidden. When he eventually reaches the cellar, he discovers Billy the Kid and Jessie James (Two members of the Forty) trying to steal the swords. After failing to intimidate them, Percy confronts them with his bare fists. He disarms Billy the Kid, but Jessie gets the drop on Percy and nearly kills him. The tide of the battle turns when Mari arrives and turns Billy to stone. Percy retrieves the sword Billy tried to steal and eventually disarms Jessie in an epic duel. Jessie tries to surrender, but Percy runs him through. Mari and Percy take the two magical blades and escape from the ancient evil guarding the exit.

Faust decides he needs to go to Hell to retrieve two of the missing magical blades. He uses a spell to open a portal to Hell. His actions draw the attention of the Elder gods. Ali makes the mistake of looking at one and decides going to Hell is better than facing madness on Earth. Ali dives into the portal and travels with Faust to Hell.

The pair arrive on a frozen lake of damned souls. After tormenting some of them, Faust and Ali head towards the Devil’s palace to talk to Mr. Nick. Along the way, they pass through the Wood of Suicides where they encounter Mr. Lee. Faust asks for his help, but Mr. Lee refuses because there is nothing in it for him.

Eventually, Faust and Ali arrive at the Palace. The Lord of Flies initially refuses them entry, but Faust pulls a few strings and Mr. Nick agrees to see them. Faust and Nick discuss their shared predicament. Nick gives Faust a hint about where he can find one of the two magical blade. He agrees to deliver the other blade to Faust when the other six are all together.

Faust and Ali leave Hell and journey to Lilith’s cave. After bargaining with her, she agrees to give them the Sword of Michael if they are willing to cheat Nick. Specifically, she wants them to replace the contract that he reads with one that she provides them with. Ali agrees to the contract and seals it with a kiss he will never forget. Lilith gives them the blade and they depart.

After defeating the hounds, Preston drops Cinderella off at her trailer. He discovers that her idea of “supplies” is a full wardrobe. Once he is certain she is safe, Preston heads off to the Red Lady’s home to look for a magical blade in her possession. He discovers the sword in a vault in the basement. Unfortunately, the vault is being guarded by a Sphinx. Preston solves the Sphinx’s riddle and retrieves the sword. On his way back out of the house, he runs into Preston and Mari who have also come looking for the sword.

Eventually, Percy, Mari, Faust, Ali, and Preston regather. They travel to Pythian Castle to present the swords to Hidad. While enroute, they are ambushed by Robin Hood (another one of the forty). He tries to steal the swords from them, wounding Ali badly in the process. He and his merry men are driven off, however, after Faust rips his face off.

When the group arrives at Pythian Castle, Hook allows them to enter and takes them to meet Hidad. Hidad agrees to exchange Ali’s lamp for the remaining six swords. He notes, however, that they only have five of them. He explains that his daughter stole the last remaining sword after he cast her out of his home. Percy and Preston agree to retrieve it.

They journey to the Meyer Center where they discover Bodiva working out in the cardio area. After a brief discussion, Preston agrees to trade Wayland Smith to Bodiva in return for the sword. As if by coincidence, Cinderella contacts Preston and tells him that a talking rat just showed up at her place. Percy and Preston retrieve Wayland from Cinderella. As promised, Bodiva gives them the last remaining sword in return for Wayland.

In the meantime, Faust summons Nick to Pythian Castle. Ali makes a deal with Nick. He agrees to murder and torment Faust for the remainder of eternity if Nick is willing to read the contract given to him by Lilith. Unfortunately, Ali fails to specify that Nick must read it WHEN he makes the wish Ali owes him. While Nick is busy, however, Ali slips a copy of Lilith’s contract into Nick’s papers.

Hidad gives the group the lamp in return for the swords. Nick makes his wish using a prepared contract. Faust, however, has tricked him into incorporating Lilith’s contract as well. Nick’s wish takes effect and the world begins to change. Nick realizes that he has accidently given Faust over to Lilith’s service and allowed Lilith a doorway back into the mortal realm. Just as the rest of the world begins to change and the camera goes to black, we can hear Faust chanting “Please be better…” repeatedly.

Episode 5
Sound and Fury

The episode opens with Preston Charm waking up to a travel alarm ringing. As the camera pans around the room, it becomes obvious that he is living in the ruined remains of an apartment. He receives a call from Cinderella. She reveals that she was kidnapped by the Hungry Ones and asks Preston to save her before it is too late. Preston opens the window and looks out onto a ruined Springfield landscape. In the distance, he can see the Ozark mountains move…

Meanwhile in Oz, the fables begin to take notice of how they have changed. Ali “remembers” that he is now a business man and not a cop. Faust has become an actual devil. Wayland is still a rat. Only Percy remains, more or less, unchanged.

Wayland and the dryad he rescued attempt to escape with the stolen Excalibur. Before they can get away, however, the dryad is waylaid by an unseen figure who steals the sword. Wayland gives chase, but the thief escapes through a window into the terrible storms of Oz.

Percy confronts the Red Lady. He makes her swear an oath to help place King Arthur on the throne. She reluctantly agrees. Percy asks her to return to Springfield with him, but she refuses. She explains that the Shattered King placed a piece of himself inside of her and it allows him to control her when she is too close to him. She explains that Woody brought her to Oz and made a bargain with Malificent to remove it. The ritual, however, was disrupted by Percy and Ali’s wish unmade Malificent. The Red Lady explains that she needs to stay in Oz until she can find a way to remove the fragment of the Shattered King. She does, however, let the others use the Ruby Slippers to return to Springfield.

The Legends arrive outside of Preston’s apartment. They immediately notice that the world has been ravaged by the presence of the Elder gods. Preston urges the others to seek shelter and warns them that using magic attracts the attention of the old ones. He also tells them that many of the fables who have had their magic taken from them have become Hungry Ones – vampiric beings who feed on the magic of others. He tells them that the Hungry Ones captured Cinderella and he wants to rescue her. Faust instinctively knows that the Hungry Ones gather in the remains of the Battlefield Mall. He warns Preston that it is likely a trap, but Preston decides to go anyway. Percy agrees to help him and asks how to defeat the Hungry Ones. Faust informs him that they can not be harmed by mundane weapons. He also mentions that there are tales of Hungry Ones being cured, but no one knows how to do it.

Percy heads to the Greenway trails with the badly damaged dryad. He find the park completely overgrown. He travels into the forest to bury the dryad. The possessed wild plants, however, mistakenly believe Percy killed the dryad. They respond by trying to rip him apart and he barely escapes the forest with his life.

Faust heads to Table Rock lake to visit his boat and Ali follows him. They discover that the ruins of the boat are still floating on a murky lake filled with tentacled creatures. Ali explains to Faust that he is infected with a rotting zombie disease and he offers Faust dross in return for the cure. Faust agrees and, despite several distractions, he calls up a Loa spirit to discover the answer to Ali’s question. The spirit explains that the disease can not be cured, but it can be managed provided the rare ingredients for a suitable potion can be obtained. Ali asks about the ingredients, but Faust scolds him. He reminds Ali that finding a way to stop the Elder gods is more important at the moment. Ali reluctantly agrees.

Faust calls Mr. Nick. Mr. Nick explains that he can undo the damage if he can use the Wish that Faust traded to him. Unfortunately, Mr. Nick can’t use the wish because, in this version of reality, Ali traded the lamp away. He apparently gave it to Hidad, a selfish warlord who demands dross and artifacts in return for providing sanctuary to the few remaining Fables. Mr. Nick reveals that Hidad has transformed Pythian Castle into a stronghold. Ali suggests assaulting it, but Faust points out that it would be suicidal. He suggests that Hidad would probably be willing to trade Ali’s lamp if they can give him something he values more. Faust mentions that Hidad once forced Wayland to forge seven magical swords for him – Excalibur, Zolficar, Durendil, Hrunting, Masume, Heime, and the Sword of St. Michael. Wayland, however, stole them away from Hidad. Faust suggests that Hidad would trade the lamp for all seven swords.

Faust and Ali go to tell the others about their revelations. On the way, however, they are nearly overcome by a haunting song that nearly drives them insane. Faust loses himself to the song to better understand it and sees an image of a dancing idiot god at the center of the Universe. Ali manages to fight the song off, but he is distracted enough by it that he crashes the car he is driving.

In the meantime, Morgan and Arthur leave to seek out help in recovering Exclibur. Wayland hides in Arthur’s bag. When Arthur and Morgan arrive at their destination, they are forced to leave their bags outside. Wayland emerges from the bag to see where Arthur went. Before he can get his bearings, however, he is discovered by the Cheshire Cat. She proceeds to chase him. Too late, Wayland realizes that he has been herded to Battlefield Mall. The Cheshire Cat chases him inside and locks the door.

While exploring the Mall, Wayland is discovered by Granny Orichenko. She reveals that she is the mother of the Hungry Ones and tries to feast on the smith’s magic. Wayland tricks Granny into impaling herself on a spike, but it does not real damage and she laughes at Waylands futile attempts. Wayland grabs Granny Orichenko’s bag and runs away.

In the meantime, Percy and Preston have found a way to sneak into the mall. As they search for Cinderella, however, they become separated. Preston discovers Cinderella locked in the store room of the old Victoria’s Secret store. Sadly, he is too late and she has been turned into a Hungry One. She attempts to seduce Preston, but he wounds her with a shotgun loaded with cold iron.

While exploring the food court, Percy encounters Mari. He learns that she has also been transformed into a Hungry One. Mari attempts to engage Percy in combat. He responds by drawing the sword of Zeus. Rather than strike her with it, however, he uses it to transfer his legendary power to Mari willingly. His willing sacrifice breaks the curse on Mari, turning her back into a full fledged Fable.

Unfortunately, Percy’s use of magical power draws the attention of the Elder gods. An old one erupts from the ground and begins trying to devour everyone in the Mall. One of the tentacles strikes the bag that Wayland is carrying, dowsing him in alchemical components. Just as things are looking bad, Big Z bursts into the Mall. He shouts “WHO’S YOUR DADDY BITCHES?” and throws himself at the Elder god. Percy, Preston, and Wayland use the distraction as an opportunity to escape. They carry the incapacitated Mari and Cinderella with them.

Eventually, the protagonists gather to compare notes. Faust tells the others about the seven swords. Percy reveals that he has two of them – Hrunting and Durendil – in a safe location. Wayland mentions that his personal sword, Heime, was stolen from him by Hidad’s daughter Bodiva. Faust mentions that the Red Lady has Masume hidden somewhere in her home. He also notes that Mr. Nick has possession of Zolficar and one of his chief rivals has the Sword of Michael. Percy suggests that the Dryad may have a clue who stole Excalibur.

The group returns to the Greenways trail. Ali is able to convince the spirits in the plants that he means them no harm. He and Wayland enter the forest and locate the dryad. She recognizes Wayland and agrees to answer his questions. She reveals that the person who stole the sword was Captain Hook.

As the episode ends, we see Captain Hook presenting the sword to Hidad…

Episode 3
The approaching storm and other tales of woe...

The episode opens with a flashback. Wayland Smith is summoned by the Shattered King. The King sends Wayland as an emissary to the Red Masque and charges him with a quest to retrieve a piece of himself from the Red Lady. Wayland reluctantly accepts the quest from the mad king. He banters with Robin Goodfellow before leaving for Springfield.

Back in the present day, Morgan is assigned to search for survivors of the Red Masque. She discovers Wayland, the last surviving member of the Shattered King’s emissaries, trapped under a fallen tree. She helps free him and assigns herself to act as a body guard. Morgan explains that she is terrified what will happen if the last of the King’s emissaries were to die.

In the meantime, Percy goes into the woods looking for clues about what happened. He discovers that the Red Lady and Woody simply vanished from where they were standing when the lightening storm began. He also discovers that ing Arthur, Van Helsing, and Cinderella fled through the woods to a meeting point where they were likely carried off by Pegasus.

Faust wakes up to find himself tied to the a radiator in a dank basement. Delilah reveals that she kidnapped him and wants revenge for what he did to her. She proceeds to torture him for a while. She reluctantly stops and informs Faust she has some work to attend to. She leaves him in the hands of her current boyfriend – Tony Montana. Faust makes a deal with Montana. He tells Montana that the stolen formula for AMbrosia is hidden in a locker at the Pink Cadillac. In return, Montana releases Faust. Faust escapes from the house and steals Delilah’s car.

Percy returns to the clearing and finds Preston Charm waiting. Preston complains that he is having problems performing. To test the theory, Percy takes Preston to the Pink Cadillac strip club. At the club, Preston quickly discovers that he has lost his mojo. Percy, on the other hand, begins flirting wildly with strippers… something completely out of character for him.

The fun at the Pink Cadillac is interrupted when Tony Montana shows up. He beats up the bouncers and forces his way into the locker room. Percy confronts Tony. After a legendary brawl, Tony grabs the formula for Ambrosia and escapes out the clubs back door. Unfortunately for him, Faust is waiting. Faust runs down Tony Montana using Delilah’s car. Tony flees on foot and escapes. Faust casually leaves the scene before the police show up to investigate. After being questioned by Morgan, Percy leaves with Mari. He goes to her house where they come uncomfortably close to having an intimate encounter. Percy sobers up and leaves before anything happens…

In the meantime, Preston Charm visits Granny Orne to find out if there is a way to fix his problem. She tells him that he has been cursed. She informs him that he has a year and a day to lift the curse by completing three tasks: (1) Earning the admiration of an innocent girl; (2) Performing a genuinely chivalrous act; (3) Helping another man find true love.

After clearing up the mess at the Pink Cadillac, Morgan and Wayland go to the Red Lady’s estate to look for clues about where she might be. After breaking into her home, they discover a picture hidden in another picture. The picture shows the Red Lady, Big Z, and Woody all standing on the Yellow Brick Road. Based on the evidence in the picture, Morgan concludes that the Red Lady and Woody are most likely in Oz.

Faust returns to Lake of the Ozarks where he purchases his boat back from Hook. To celebrate, Faust announces that he will be having a large party on the lake. Several people show up including Hook, Percy, Big Z, and Preston Charm. Morgan and Wayland arrive to ask for help finding the Red Lady. Wayland makes a deal with Big Z for information about how to get to Oz. Big Z simply tells him to look for the Yellow Brick Road… a local daycare in Springfield.

As the episode closes, we see Tony Montana preparing to fire a rocket launcher at Faust’s boat. “Say hello to my little friend…”

Episode 2
On this most joyous of occasions why do we not smile?

The episode opens with the Sheriff looking over the ruined remains of the police station. He assigns Ali Barbar to find the perpetrator no matter what the cost. While he is out looking, he is attacked by members of the 40.

Percy wakes up to find Big Z knocking on his door. Big Z tells him that someone blew up his trailer and he needs a place to lie low for awhile. Percy searches Big Z’s truck and finds a magical hammer in the back. Percy and Big Z are attacked by the 40, but Percy fends them off with the hammer.

Faust is resting peacefully on his house boat when Hook comes to collect it. The boat is overrun with pirates who damage most of the fixtures in the process.

Preston Charm is seduced by Delilah. While she is in the shower cleaning up, he gets a call from Cinderella asking if he has found a gift for her to give the Red Lady. Preston makes a deal with Faust to obtain a dross item for the Red Lady. Faust provides Percy with a wrapped gift which he, in turn, gives to Cinderella.

The characters arrive at the Red Masque – a costume party being held at the creepy old Albino Farm. The theme for the party is “the forgotten” and everyone is dressed to kill. As people circulate, they hear rumors that the Red Lady intends to make a major announcement and that King Arthur is present in disguise. They also learn that a delegation is present from the court of the Shattered King. During the festival, Mari (dressed as Andromeda) flirts with Percy (dressed as a snake charmer). Van Helsing confronts Faust, revealing clues about Faust’s transformation into an infernal being.

During the gift giving ceremony, Cinderella accidently offends the Red Lady by giving her grandmother’s head as a gift. Before the Red Lady can pass judgement, however, someone opens the Bag of Storms that Big Z gifted to the Red Lady and a thunderstorm erupts on the Albino Farm. The Red Lady is struck by lightening. While people are trying to tend to her, someone opens the box that Faust brought as a gift. It turns out to be Pandoras Box and a number of terrible monsters are released into the world.

One of these monsters, an elder being so terrifying that it has no defined shape and corrupts the ground it walks on, begins rampaging across the Red Masque. The creature was forgotten about so long ago that no one recalls how to kill it any longer. Several Fables rise up to stand against the creature. During the ensuing fight, Preston saves Elanor Dane from being crushed beneath the monster. Ali and Morgan work together to save the innocent bystanders. Percy and Mari keep the creature occupied in battle long enough for Faust to cast a binding spell on it. During the fight, Mari catches Percy’s eye and he does not turn to stone. In that moment, she realizes that he has been possessed by some kind of demon from Pandora’s Box. Faust sends the creature to Hell – a gift for his friend and mentor Mr. Nick.

In the aftermath of the fight, people discover that all but one of the Shattered King’s emissaries are dead. Woody, Faust, and the Red Lady are all missing. Questioning of various Fables reveals that Cinderella was seen leaving the Masque with King Arthur and Van Helsing. Ali puts a bounty on her because she is now a suspect in the disappearance of the Red Lady. As people leave the party, we hear them raving about how exciting this year’s Masque was…

Episode 1
In which the opening of a box calls into question the order of things...

Overview: Throughout the episode, several characters receive invitations to the Red Masque – an annual party held by the Red Lady during which her subjects turn over a required tithe of dross.

Ali and Morgan are called out to investigate a possible meth lab at a rural address. During the raid, they arrest several people including Dana Davenport and Big Z. They discover that a new street drug called Ambrosia was being manufactured at the drug lab. They take the prisoners and the evidence back to Greene County Jail.

Prince Charming is approached by Cinderella. She asks him for help obtaining a gift to tithe to the Red Lady at the annual Masque. Charming agrees, but uses the opportunity to hook up with Cinderella. In the meantime, he receives a call from his employee – Dana Davenport. She tells him she was arrested and needs him to bail her out.

Percy Demetrius is in Arkansas hunting down a renegade troll for the Shattered King. When Percy finds him, the troll encourages Percy to question his loyalty to the Shattered King. Percy kills the troll in single combat. When he is done, he receives a phone call from Big Z. Biz Z tells him that he was arrested and needs help making bail.

Faust makes a bet with Mr. Nick and wins by predicting when a poor soul is going to kill himself. His assistant, Gretchen, calls to tell him that he has someone waiting for him in the office. It turns out to be Jack Fletcher – someone who Faust knows from the time of the Neverborn War. It is apparent from their conversation that Faust is uncomfortable around Jack.

Percy and Charming arrive at the Greene County jail. They bail out big Z and Dana Davenport. They also encounter Mari who bails out her friend – a stripper named Candy who Big Z was apparently “dating”. Shortly thereafter, someone breaks into the jail, steals the evidence from the drug bust, and blows up the jail.

Percy takes Big Z out for breakfast to find out what is going on. Big Z reluctantly admits that he stole a formula for a new street drug, Ambrosia, from “the 40”. Just as Percy tries to explain how terrible of an idea that was, the 40 attack them in an effort to get the formula back.

Percy asks Faust what Ambrosia is. Faust explains to him that it is a new street drug that induces Euphoria and allows mundanes to see past the veil that protects Fables. While trying to find out more information about the drug, Faust tries to summon a demon. He is amused when he summons Dana Davenport and discovers that she is actually the fable Delilah. Faust forces her to answer his questions before freeing her. Delilah promises that she will have revenge for being demeaned by him.

As the episode ends, Faust retires to his house boat to relax. He makes a deal with Captain Hook to trade his house boat in return for a gift for the Red Lady. Hook gives Faust a mysterious box…


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